The following is a brief description of each committee, its function and responsibilities.  Choose the ones that you feel you would like to participate in and sign up.  Become a “Cool Band Parent” and support your student musician! Committee contact information can be found on our home page.

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A general volunteer is available throughout the year to help out on different committees. This is a perfect position for a parent who would like to support the band but is not sure yet exactly in what capacity. We will contact you via email with volunteer opportunities, and you can respond if you are interested. However, read on – there is probably a committee that meets your specific interests, whether it is chaperoning, sewing on buttons, taking photos or loading music instruments on to a truck.



This committee transports water to the games in coolers, passes it out to the band after the halftime show, and collects the empty water bottles in large garbage bags before the band gets on the buses to come home. This position is perfect for someone who wants to enjoy the game AND make sure the band members remain hydrated after marching in their uniforms, they get hot and thirsty after performing. Need between 6-12 volunteers.



Organize chaperons as needed for all band functions by maintaining a volunteer list of parent chaperons willing to follow chaperon guidelines which will be provided at the first chaperon meeting. All parents who wish to chaperon will be given the opportunity to do so based on individual schedules and availability. Communications are through email; therefore please provide your correct email address.  (Please make arrangements with the chaperon chairperson if you do not have access to a computer.) Pass out bus listings to chaperons, post bus assignment sheets and bus numbers on busses. Make sure busses are checked after each function to make sure trash is collected, report any damages, and make sure all items are off busses after a function.  Report as needed to band president.

Duties include:

  • Supervising the band students during football games, festival performances and competitions
  • Walking them to and from their destination and miscellaneous jobs
  • Decorating the bus for big events and competitions and being an all-around Cool Band Parent

Chairperson is responsible for:

  • Contacting the appropriate number of chaperons to accompany band students to and from their events, (Ratio: 1 chaperon per 15 students)
  • Signing chaperons in and out distributing badges to chaperons and collecting at the end of the evening
  • Working with a coordinator to distribute responsibilities for each chaperon
  • Sending requests for helpers for all other committees as needed



Arrive at the stadium 1 hour prior to each football game and cover the bleachers with FHS band bleacher covers. This means showing up about an hour before game time and staying after to clean, wrap and store the covers. It also entails keeping the covers during football season, someone with a truck or SUV would be ideal. Need 4-6 volunteers for this committee.



Maintain band uniforms to include passing out uniforms (including hats, raincoats, etc.) to students and keeping records and receipt of uniforms by number, oversee alterations, cleaning, repairs, etc..  Have someone available at every performance to assist with passing out and collecting of uniforms to include handling the hat plumes and having socks and gloves available as needed.  2-4 volunteers.



This is an excellent commitment for a parent who prefers a specific, time-limited project. The band requires several fundraisers each year, and they are already lined up for this school year. To run more efficiently and to avoid “burn out,” each fundraiser needs a chairperson and committee. The Chairperson coordinates committee members/helpers throughout the year for various projects, and receives a folder giving guidance and tips from previous years, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel each year.



THE HARDEST WORKING GROUP IN THE BAND!!!! Volunteers arrive at the parking lot during game day and even day practices and load the truck, get to the stadium, unload the truck for the show. They also repack transport back to the band room and unload it again. Need as many volunteers as possible.



Chairperson:Create and maintain an inventory of Cougar-themed T-shirts, shorts, hoodies, spirit wear, and other spirit items. These items are available to the entire student body, staff, and parents. Responsible for setting dates and times to sell merchandise during band events.
Committee:Committee sets up tables at band functions. Committee members take orders and make deliveries.


Chairperson:  Accumulate photos and videotape of our band students, directors, parents, and chaperons during games, concerts, festivals, and fundraisers. Coordinate all members so that each event is covered by at least one photographer and one videographer. These pictures and videos are compiled into a photo CD after marching season and a “memory DVD” at the end of the year. These wonderful, inspiring products are offered to parents and students at a very reasonable price, AND all profits go back to the Band.

Committee members:  Digital equipment and a keen eye for spotting fun are required.



Assist in the creation of an email tree and keeping all parents informed of upcoming activities.



The Awards Banquet takes place at the end of May or the beginning of June. The banquet is a gala, semi-formal celebration and includes end-of-the-year awards. This Committee will be responsible for the selection of a location and theme, creating the program and tickets, the sale of tickets, decorations, music (DJ), caterer, set-up and clean-up. A person from this committee will also work with the Band Directors on the awards portion of the program.



Communicating with the public about the band’s activities, upcoming fundraisers and accomplishments through FHS’s newspaper and marquee and local newspapers/media outlets.



The Webmaster maintains the content of FHS Band’s website, including posting weekly updates, maintaining a current calendar of the band’s activities, and posting photographs, audio clips and video clips of the band year-round.

The Technical Coordinator for the website deals with issues relating to the server, sending mass emails, creating new opportunities to maximize the website’s usefulness, and all technical aspects of the website.



Prepares Gatorade for band members to drink after game day practice and before they get on the busses.  Need 3 to 5 volunteers. 


The Competition Meals Committee provides meals for all band members. All band members must eat
during competition day. It includes a main meal and the possibility of a snack for later.
  • Selecting and securing picnic area at Competition venue the day of the event
  • Plan meal for band members
  • Coordinating with Band Director for completion of all forms
  • Coordinating with publicity and website committee to publish event
  • Coordinate transportation

Committee members: (Need at least 10 volunteers)

  • Prepare meals
  • Arrive at Competition venue early to set up BBQ/eating area
  • Arrange for donation/use of BBQ grills, tables, chairs, canopies for shade, etc
  • Arrange for transportation of items to venue
  • Collect money for meals
  • Man food/drink tables


Coordinate pregame meals and sales to the band. Pregame meals are purchased through local restaurants, packaged, and given to the band members at FHS prior to departing for games. Need 3 or 4 volunteers.



Senior parent(s) to over see photo garter, sweatshirt and miscellaneous gift. Finding out the number of seniors and their families who will be attending.



Coordinate the spring solo and ensemble competition. Arrange lunch for judges and snacks for room monitors. Coordinate the concessions. Need at least 30 volunteers.



A guard parent to keep the guard members up to date regarding band booster events and keep the band boosters up to date on guard events. These parents will also coordinate the FHS Winter Guard show.  Need at least 20 volunteers.

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