When you are placing anything in the Purple Mailbox (located in the middle band practice room), it is very important that you:
Place it in an Envelope and Include:
        • The Student's Full Name
        • The Amount Enclosed
        • Specify what the payment is for
        • If you want a receipt, provide an e-mail address where you want the receipt sent
        • Provide a contact telephone number for a Parent 
The above requested information will ensure that  your payments are credited correctly!
The VP for the Ways and Means Committee for the 2016-2017 school year is Araceli Romero

Make a Tax Deductible Donation to the Franklin High School Band Programs
The Boosters are a 501 (c)(3) Organization.
At your request, you will receive a letter for tax purposes.
You can make donations by placing a check in the purple mailbox in the band room, mailing a check to our post office box (address in side bar at the left),
or by using our PayPal site.