FHS Band F.A.Q.


Some Frequently Asked Questions About the Franklin Band...


If I am in band, can I also do SPORTS?


YES! The band directors and the coaches work together to allow students the opportunity to participate in both activities. We have consistently had band students in ALL high school sports. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER.



If I am in band, can I also belong to other student clubs?


YES! In fact, most of the FHS band students belong to a second, and sometimes third student club! We encourage involvement!



Do I have to audition for the FHS marching band?


NO. Everyone is welcome to participate in marching band REGARDLESS OF YOUR  PLAYING ABILITY. You will be placed in the band class for your instrument and there is no specific chair order. Part assignments (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) will be determined during summer band practice.



After marching season, what happens?


Mr. Beach and Mr. Allen will place you into one of TWO CONCERT BANDS. Each of these 2 groups perform in the spring!



How many Jazz Bands are there?


There are TWO jazz bands at Franklin. Both jazz bands meet before school during “0” period following Marching Season.



Does the FHS band take a trip in the spring?


YES! The band takes an annual out of state trip.  We fund raise throughout the year to help students offset the cost of the trip. We encourage everyone to go on the band trip.  We’ve traveled to Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Antonio, Orlando, San Diego, Toronto, Washington D.C., Colorado, Dallas, New York, and Chicago.



Can I take band all four years?


YES! You will need 26 credits to graduate, but Band DOES COUNT as FINE ARTS, P.E., and an ELECTIVE!! The counselors will help plan out your four years of classes to include band. PLUS, with the new Block Schedule, you will be able to take MORE electives than ever before!!!  Please check out the Sample Graduation Plan here!!



Will being in band have a NEGATIVE effect on my other grades?


NO. Passing your classes is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE in the FHS band.  At the beginning of the year, we set up PEER TUTORING to help you with ANY subject. It has been proven that staying in band helps MAINTAIN outstanding grades!

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